Where is the job?
We will find candidates who want to work in the location you specify. Consider whether the job can be carried out remotely - it increases the number of candidates drastically.
When does the job start?
We will find candidates who are available to start when the job starts.
How many people do you want to interview?
It is usually enough to interview 3-4 candidates per position. The candidates you receive from us will with a high probability be immediately employable.
What qualities are you looking for?
Thanks to our tests in, among other things, personality and logic, we can screen candidates based on their potential. Personal characteristics say a lot about a person's ability to succeed in their job role and thrive in the workplace.
Do you have a job ad?
By scanning a job description, we can see if there is anything that is particularly important for this job, such as skill requirements, driver's license, language or other.
Do you want to anonymize the recruitment?
In today's society, it is important to recruit without prejudice. If you choose to receive anonymous candidates, we will hide the candidate's picture and name
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Let us know if there is anything else we should know. What you write here will be read by one of our Account managers.
Where should we send the candidates?
Once we have found candidates who match your requirements and are interested in your position, we will present them via email. Which email should we send to?