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Hiring for Potential and Performance (eng)

We have been saying for ages that we should hire for potential and train for skills. But how do you actually do that? This webinar series will dive deep into this.

How to use the Big Five personality test

As an HR Manager or Talent Acquisition Specialist, you know the importance of finding the right candidate, but it's not always easy to know if a candidate's CV truly represents their potential.

A guide to HR metrics that matter (eng)

HR Metrics are measurements that determine the effectiveness of your human resources initiatives. You can use HR metrics to take a data-driven approach to track and assess your progress.

Revamping old interview structures with Asker (eng)

Reducing bias and empowering candidates are both part of the vision behind Asker. Watch the video where Anna Åslund explains more about the problems that the interview platform solves.

The do’s and don’ts of employee onboarding (eng)

Getting new employees up to speed quickly should be on top. From a business standpoint we are often in quite dire need of a new employees' skills once they finally start with us.

What is HR management automation?

HR-automation är en självgående datoriserad tjänst som gör att HR-proffs kan hantera personal mer effektivt och produktivt. HR-automatisering har stört den traditionella HR.


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