Our mission

We tear down the barriers in the global labor market

Pharus Tech is algorithmic guidance in the world of work.

50% of companies globally indicate a lack of labor as the single biggest obstacle to growth and over 50% of all employees want to change jobs but choose not to apply. This is called The Big Global Skills Gap but is nothing more than a gigantic matching problem.

This is a reality just as much for the individual looking for a job in a small town like Borås as for the person who wants to hire in a metropolitan like Bombay.

We solve the gap in The Big Global Skills Gap by connecting existing products in HR-tech through robust algorithms.

Our vision

Hiring organizations


Our vision

Algorithmic guidance in the world of work

Pharus Tech connects the market’s best HR-tech solutions to make potential available everywhere.

Through algorithms, we can guide users with, for example:

  • What strengths you have based on your personality
  • What jobs you can do that you may not have even thought about
  • Connect individuals with companies regardless of where in the world supply and demand exist

Through partners such as:

The algorithm

You can do even more than you think

If you can do one job, you can do many, many more.

Have you worked as a restaurant manager, you probably already know the job as a L&D manager.


Customer service manager, project manager, training coordinator, call center team lead, etc


Have you worked as a sales rep your skills can be applied on multiple positions like:


match: marketer


match: coordinator


match: business development

The algorithm

You carry strengths based on who you are

Through smart tests, we map your personality and highlight your strengths. It gives you a clear direction how you can move in your career and what you bring to the table for the hiring organization.

The platform

For individuals

We are highliting the skills that you have learned thorughout your career together with the strenghts you have based on who you are.

Everyhting is searchable and presented pedagoically for hiring organizations in order for you to strive in the world of work.

Bridging the global skills gap based on relevant data

The Platform

For organizations

We are translating the skills that the organization need in order to get the job done.

Matching the hiring criterias to the pool of intreview-ready individuals. Data driven and bias free in order to pin point and recommend upcoming future colleagues.

Bridging the global skills gap based on relevant data

The Effect

The effect

The labor market is global, we connect the right individuals with each other regardless of where in the world you are, regardless of whether you are looking for a new job, whether you are hiring or whether you want to develop your potential.

We do it through robust algorithms.

Or (in other words) by guiding you if you for instance is in need of:

  • Expanding your team with members from 5 time zones?
  • Building up a labor market after a disaster?
  • Expand your sales team geographically across Sweden?